Wednesday, June 17, 2009

From the SCCC Kitchen: Radishes get star treatment in vegetable dish

Radishes, those are those little red gems many of us slice thin and toss into a salad, but what else can we do with them? Many things actually, all we have to do is look outside of our normal American culinary repertoire. In my current recipe featured in the Schenectady Gazette this week, I look to France for inspiration where cooking radishes is nothing out of the ordinary. Take a look at the article by Jeff Wilkin, along with a short video on my sauteed radishes with peas and arugula.


Lilly said...

Amazingly, I stumbled upon your blog after googling bulgolgi burrito and only after I saw your name did I realize I've met you! I started the program at BU just as you were finishing out, and we met once at a gastronomy department luncheon thing.

good to see you're doing well!

Anonymous said...

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