Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Touring Boston's North End and Meeting Morimoto

I just found out today that Iron Chef Morimoto will be coming to Boston University for a demonstration and book signing. I am pretty excited about him coming here as I had eaten at Nobu in NYC a few times while he was the chef there. I used to love watching him on the original Iron Chef as well and especially when he competed against Bobby Flay on the two specials. I am not all that sure I enjoy the Iron Chef American show all that much, but I don't watch the Food Network all that much these days.

In other news, I am going on a tour of Boston's North End on Saturday again through Boston University. I can't believe that I have lived here since January and I still haven't walked around that area. My only stop in the area has been to goto Marcos, which those of you who have read my journal the last few days would have read about. I'm pretty excited actually, because I love preaparing Italian cuisine and the only appropriate way to do so is with the proper ingredients which I am sure I will find on the tour. Maybe I'll pick up some pork products to cook with to make up for my posting a vegetarian recipe yesterday.

I'm hoping to get to do some non-class culinary things before I move in January. I spent 90% of my time last semester working on class work because I took so many credits. With the schedule I have this semester I should be able to enjoy the city more. If anyone knows of a non-tourist trap Irish pub in the city, I'd like to hear about it.


Judy Nevius said...

It was very nice to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed talking food with you during the North End tour and over lunch.
I will be following your blog with interest.
Good luck with your doctorate work.

Christopher Allen Tanner said...

It was great to meet you as well Judy, I had a great time with you guys. Thanks for the well wishes as well.


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