Sunday, September 9, 2007

Mario Batali Update

So it seems the news of Mario Batali leaving the Food Network was a bit premature because in an interview with the Food Network a representative stated that he is still filming new episodes of Iron Chef America and he will also be the featured chef for the next Chefography special.

“Mario Batali is still a major part of the Food Network family. He is currently in production on new episodes of ‘Iron Chef America’ and we are also still filming specials with him as well, such as last springs’ ‘Chefography.’ We support him in his outside endeavors and look forward to continuing our long-standing relationship with Mario. - Food Network Spokesperson”

So that seems like an existing amicable relationship to me. I get the feeling that someone over reacted when they heard that the channel would no longer feature his other shows. As I had mentioned before though, new episodes had not been created in a few years. So in removing these shows they make room for new shows which is just a pattern for any network, food or otherwise. Many of us wish that Molto Mario would remain on the air, but again showing old reruns constantly creates low ratings if people do not want to watch the episodes over-and-over again. I for one will be ordering some of those DVD sets of Molto Mario from the Food Network website. I really loved that show Mario Eats Italy, I'll have to see if they have that on DVD as well.

I'm sitting here now deciding what I want to do for dinner. Part of me wants to stay in and order take-out, while another part of me wants to try the new restaurant Clink or going back to Gaslight to try the charcroute. I have been away so I currently have an empty fridge, so cooking at home tonight is not an option. Gotta decide soon, it's getting late.


Anonymous said...

WE all do this. Hold it out and spread the rumor we are going to leave, sign another contract for more money. Mario is still one of my favorites.

Kulinaria Chris

Christopher Allen Tanner said...

I'm sure he came out with a good deal in the end, he is one of my favorites as well. I've eatten at his restaurants as well and well worth the time and money.

Christopher T.

Anonymous said...

Food Network does not sell Molto Mario DVDs on their site. Does any one know if/when they will sell them, or, if you can find them elsewhere?


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