Saturday, September 8, 2007

Culinary Instructor

Well, I decided to visit my father this weekend and as part of the visit I called up the head of the culinary program that I got my AOS degree from to visit. Part of my intention was to ask for an adjunct position while I work on my thesis In the Spring semester. I plan on staying in the New York capital district while I work on that monstrous task. I have to say that I am excited....

Not only do I get to begin the path of teaching, but I get to begin it at the school I started my culinary education at. I will be teaching two sections of introduction foods classes at Schenectady County Community College starting January 2008. It is an honor that the school that got me off the ground with cooking would hire me.

I'm a bit tired at the moment, so I will fill in more info later, but I just wanted to brag a bit. Here's to having a great day friends!!!

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