Friday, November 2, 2007

WikiProject Food and Drink November Update

The Wikipedia WikiProject Food and Drink newsletter has been sent out to all members of the project. I've also updated the "mighty" Food Portal for the month of November. I'm featuring an article on Maize, there is an interesting quote from Margaret Visser, some updated news items, a great picture of a fly agaric mushroom and the featured person for this month is Brillat-Savarin.

The project is growing tremendously. When I joined about six months ago we had 16 members including myself. As of today with a new member joining today we are up to forty-four. New articles are created daily and topics are vast. As such we are deeply in need of more members with special knowledge on different culinary sections. I personally work on project upkeep, while working on cuisine articles and other items on the side that catch my attention or that someone insists that I take a look at. I would love to see some of you from here come and help out and help others learn more from your experience and knowledge.

We also have a number of sister projects you may be interested in which are WikiProject Cheeses, WikiProject Wine, Wikiproject Ice cream, WikiProject Beer, WikiProject Soft drinks, WikProject Mixed Drinks, WikiProject Foodservice and WikiProject Herbs and spices. Not all of these projects are incredibly active, so having new members join and work on them would be a great boost to their validity. I've been working on updating their main pages and giving them assessment ability for articles tagged with their banner.

Hope to see some of you on Wikipedia soon and remember kiddies, don't use Wikipedia as a source for primary research. Although some of us are able to put together quality, well-researched articles, other articles are written by the guy you rent your videos from at Blockbuster. It is a fun place to gain some knowledge and seek out other sources for knowledge, but we do have our flaws. With more and more academics and knowledgeable experts joining however, Wikipedia could be a viable location for attaining knowledge.

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