Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pizza by the slice in Boston

A short little blog today, but an inspired one. I've started a campaign which will last the next 30 days in the Boston area, in an attempt to try 30 different pizzerias. My idea is to walk in each day, at about noon time, order two slices of pizza, one plain and the other with peperonni. I have created a scale which adds up to 100 points. Within that scale there are multiple ten point scales. For example there is a 10 point scale for the dough, a ten point scale for the cheese, etc.

After 30 days I will give you all a full report of how the escapade went. Once a week until then I'll also give you an update on the progress, without giving you specifics on the whole scheme of things. I'll admit that I am not a normal daily pizza eater. I actually probably normally eat pizza less than a dozen times a year, so this should be fun. If you have any pizza shops in Boston you would like to suggest, please do so.

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Mira said...

you should make sure to try Emma's pizza in Kendall Sq.

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