Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eat a Little New Japanese in Boston

It's not often that I am impressed with a culinary technique. This dish I recently might not be all that exciting to some Molecular Gastronomy cooks, but to the rest of the world you kiddos might find it part of the 2010 odyssey.

I dined at Oisshi in Boston last Friday and had some epiphanies. First, I could not deny the exquisite thoughts of having nine types of salmon as sashimi. Let me repeat that for those of you that didn't pay attention, nine types of salmon. One of them was an ivory salmon with a white colored flesh that I have not had in about six years.

So I had fresh fish, big deal, yeah I had some Kobe beef dishes, that's not even exciting anymore. The dish that impressed me was a hamachi dish. The chef took a super small cast iron dish and heated a small amount of cherry wood chips in it until smoking. He then dropped it into a glass lined with red beans. On top of the little dish he placed a small bamboo cover over which he placed a small bamboo bowl containing a soy marinated array of hamachi pieces. The glass was them covered and brought to me. I was instructed to wait 30 seconds to uncover the dish to wait for the smoke to flavor the fish.

I waited, I received... perfection. I am rarely impressed and I was truly impressed by this dish. Not only this dish but the whole meal. This course will remain with me for years though. The meal was not cheap, but well worth it. The Omakase menu is about $150.00, plus drinks. That does account of r seven courses, which in NYC I wouldn't complain about, but this is Boston. To their defense 90 percent of their seafood comes fresh from Japan daily.

If you want to enjoy a night here, bring a healthy wallet and an open mind.

Website: www.oishiiboston.com

1166 Washington St
Boston, MA 02118

(617) 482-8868

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