Thursday, March 6, 2008

Greezo, Raw Food in Boston's North End

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I've been extremely busy for the last couple months teaching at my new job, covering for another instructor along with competition and judging a number of culinary competitions so I hope you will all excuse my temporary absence.

I receive a weekly e-mail post from the Zagat Guide and just came across an interesting post about a new restaurant in Boston which I wanted to share with everyone. A new RAW restaurant has opened in the North End of Boston which features everything a Raw Vegan would appreciate.

I myself have studied and followed this phenomenon a number of times and find the short term health benefits to be great, albeit it at times a tedious, expensive and at first, bland experience. However with time I found ways to add new flavors that those non-meat eaters had probably never of thought of. Also chefs like Charlie Trotter and numerous others have jumped on the band wagon and attempted some fun new items that complement the rest of their regimen.

I have personally lost over 40 lbs in the last four months and part of it comes from following a heavy vegetable based diet complemented with animal proteins once in awhile in small portions. The Raw Food regimen is a fun way to break up the monotony of everyday eating while adding some fun into your "cooking" style and it also makes a great conversation piece. For those of you that are chefs, you will be finding more and more of these people coming through your doors so it might be prudent of you to understand these techniques so that you may please a myriad of customers and maybe make some more money while you are at it.

So here is the link to the restaurant. The restaurant is named Greezo and is totted as a high-end restaurant in the North End of Boston. The menu is up online and it looks like a lot of fun and I bet there are some great flavors there as well. I will certainly be trying this place on my next trip back to Boston.

"A vegan beacon amid the pasta palaces of the North End, chef-owned Grezzo serves uncooked dishes using organic, locally sourced ingredients (the name means 'raw' in Italian) alongside biodynamic wines and sake; candlelight bounces off copper tables, lending a touch of romance to the rustically hued digs."

69 Prince St.; 857-362-7288

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